What is lymphatic cupping?

Lymphatic cupping is a type of cupping that targets the lymphatic system which is your body’s waste disposal system. 

Unlike the circulatory system (where your heart pumps blood through your blood vessels), your lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump of it’s own.  Instead, your lymphatic system works through muscle contracts to move lymph through the body. 

Cupping helps to move lymphatic fluid, which can help your body to flush debris, fight off infections and distribute nutrients from the digestive tract to the blood stream more effectively.

Will I have cupping marks after lymphatic cupping?

No. Your lymphatic system is fairly close to your skin, so the cupping is relatively light.

In very, very rare cases, cupping marks after this type of cupping might be left if you have extremely sensitive skin or a condition called dermographism (this is a condition were a red line from a scratch or if skin is stroked in severe cases, it will leave a mark for hours or more).

I have more questions about therapeutic cupping, how can I get answers?

You can book a free 20 minute consultation call with Andrea; we can use this time to discuss your health goals and whether therapeutic cupping can help.

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