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Hi!  My name is Andrea Empey - I started my yoga journey in June 2008.  I spent the following 4 years exploring almost every yoga tradition available.  In December 2012, I discovered and fell in love with Akhanda yoga®.  

I made my practice of Akhanda yoga® a priority and truly committed myself to the practice of yoga as a whole. In August 2014, I was certified as a 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) in Akhanda yoga®.  

I believe that the practice of yoga is accessible to everyone.  As one of my teachers said - "If you can breathe, you can practice yoga."  

The practice of yoga is exactly that - a practice.  Every time I step onto my mat, I remind myself of this.  This reminder helps me to remember to honour myself; to honour where I am in each moment - on or off my mat. 

As a teacher I create an atmosphere of peace and serenity that allows students to delve into their practice and their inner inquiry.  My teaching is inspired by the grace and strength within the physical practice of yoga as well as the grace and strength yoga brings to life.  Yoga inspires the ability to be gentle yet strong in the same moment. 

I am passionate about sharing yoga with everyone.

My yoga journey has also lead me to Chinese medicine and therapeutic cupping along with the use of essential oils.

I love blending different therapies to be able to create a unique experience for every person I help.

A few fun facts about me!

  • I love cats! I currently have 3 (but am open to more!) - Lizzie, Miss Kitty (often called Nugget) and Gracie.

  • I love to cook and love to eat great food.

  • I learned to bake before I learned to cook.

  • I love board games (especially Ticket to Ride).

  • I love to read.

  • I am endlessly fascinated with our body’s ability to heal itself.

Akhanda (Holistic Hatha) Yoga (RYT200)
Breathe Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Flow Yoga
Yin Yoga 

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"