What’s with the marks?

A cupping mark is a result of your body happily releasing unwanted interstitial debris (a fancy way of saying debris like old blood, medications or foreign substances) that has been stuck between the layers of tissue.  The mark is a result of the debris is being brought to the surface of your body (between the skin and muscle) for the lymphatic system to flush away.

Are cupping marks bruises?

No.  A bruise is our body’s response to injury. Cupping marks are interstitial debris being released; which is a really good thing!

The biggest difference between a bruise and a cupping mark is that bruises are often painful when touched and will change colour (purple/black/blue to yellow/brown) as they heal. A cupping mark might be sensitive to touch but it shouldn’t be painful and it will fade away without changing colours.

How long will the marks stay on my skin?

That depends on a number of factors.  Cupping marks can last for a few minutes, hours or days.  If you’re the type of person who marks easily (scratches, bruises, etc.) then the marks will likely stay around longer.

It’s important to know that not all cupping will leave marks.  Lymphatic and facial cupping will not leave any marks.  Stationary or moving cupping may or may not leave marks depending on what your body wants to let go of. 

Will my treatment be as effective if I don’t have any cupping marks?

Absolutely!  Cupping marks don’t dictate whether a treatment is successful or not. In the case of lymphatic cupping, the lack of marks is actually a good thing.

I have more questions about therapeutic cupping, how can I get answers?

You can book a free 20 minute consultation call with Andrea; we can use this time to discuss your health goals and whether therapeutic cupping can help.

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