What happens in my first therapeutic cupping session?

All first-time clients have a 60 minutes intake appointment with Andrea to go over your health goals, your current health status and your health history.  This allows Andrea to gather a complete picture of where you’re at and allows her to formulate a treatment plan to best serve your needs. 

A short cupping session will be included in your intake appointment if time permits.

What happens in following therapeutic cupping sessions?

Each of follow up sessions start with a quick check-in on how you’ve been since your previous treatment and if anything shifted or changed.  After the check in you will be asked to disrobe to your comfort level allowing access to the affected area.  Linens will be provided on the treatment table for your modesty and comfort.

Is cupping painful?

If you experience any pain or significant discomfort during your treatment, it is very important to let Andrea know.  For patients with fibromyalgia or other nervous system issues, the level of suction your body can tolerate one treatment to the next may change drastically. 

Cupping should never be painful.  It should feel similar to a deep tissue massage or even a relaxation massage.

What if I start working with Andrea, something comes up and I can’t continue?

It's no problem.  If it's a money issue, we can discuss a variety of options and the resources available in the area so that you have options to keep moving forward with your care.

If it has to do with time, life circumstances or something else, we can troubleshoot together.

Even if you decide cupping therapy is not for you, that's totally cool. Part of my role is to be a resource-person and help you receive the care you need to help you heal in the most effective way.

I have more questions about therapeutic cupping, how can I get answers?

You can book a free 20 minute consultation call with Andrea; we can use this time to discuss your health goals and whether therapeutic cupping can help.

To book a call with Andrea, click here!