Oh Fall, How I Love You!

What an amazing season of changes and shifts. 

Is it just me or do the first two weeks of September feel like New Year’s all over again?  A renewal of energy, of purpose, of drive.  Each September as school starts again, I notice an incredible shift in energy.  A desire to jump in and start to ‘do’.  This energy creates an amazing momentum to get focused, get organized and create!  Harnessing that renewed focus and driving can be incredible.

Fall is such a powerful season.  Mother Nature is getting ready to shed that which is no longer needed.  Letting go of what was created in order to rest and rejuvenate in preparation for new growth and creation next Spring. 

Tapping into the energies in nature can be a powerful way to move things forward in our lives. 

Mother Nature is about to bless us with the wonderful richness of a fall harvest and fall colours with the turning of the leaves.  Make sure you take some time to enjoy this special season!

Love, Light and Om,

Andrea EmpeyComment