Happy Mother's Day!

As I was calling and texting friends and loved ones this morning I started to think about all the different ways we can be 'Mother's' to others.  

I seem to have collected a few over the years... :D  Of course there is my Mom (my birth Mom - sounds weird saying it that way, she's always just been Mom), my wonderful Mother-in-Law aka Mom, a wonderful friend of mine who I call Yogamama, another friend who I call Mama G, another friend who is my Launch Mama, the list goes on...

To me a Mom is anyone who takes the time to make sure you are alright, that you have everything you need.  You know you can always go to them with anything and they will be able to help in some way.  They can be a friend or a parent or a step parent or anyone really.  

It's the time that they take to help guide you when you're stuck that really matters.

They may not always give you the answer(s) you are looking for but they tell you the truth and help nudge you along whichever path you are on.  They help you with the emotional scraps that life can give and call you on your BS.  

These are strong, amazing women that I am thrilled to have in my life.

They help me see the person I want to be.  The best version of myself.  

Thank you Ladies for all your love and support and coffee dates!!

Biggest HUGS!
Love, Light & Om

Andrea EmpeyComment