Spring Awakening

There are so many ways that we use 'Spring' to express action - Spring Forward, Spring in your Step, Spring to Mind, Spring into Action, etc.  All of this makes me think of buoyancy or a lightening of our lives, a moving forward. 

Spring is a natural time of birth, growth and renewal.  In Chinese Medicine, the Yang energy is starting to rise, we are starting to come out of our hibernation. 

Even though we aren't literally hibernating, many of us (myself included) hibernate in other ways - we aren't as active through the winter, on the really cold days we curl up and stay inside if we can, food tends to be richer and warmer…   We may even hibernate emotionally.

Spring is a time when energies tend to run high.  Do you find yourself getting frustrated easily?  Perhaps even angry?  Maybe taking on a number of new projects even though there really isn't time? 

The Yang energy in this season can cause tempers to flare and buried emotions to make their way to the surface. 

Acknowledging this and taking time to look at why these emotions are coming up will help us to acknowledge them, to process them and ultimately release them.

Now more than ever is a time to step onto our yoga mats; gifting ourselves time and space.  Allowing for time to set aside the 'to-do lists' and all the things we think we 'have to get done'. 

To just be. 

Allowing our practice to flow naturally - our bodies know what to do.  Even if the practice of yoga is new, honouring our instincts and our internal wisdom will help to guide our practice.

Personally, I think Spring is a great time to practice expansive poses - especially heart opening poses.  These poses don't have to be big or flashy to be expansive.  It could be a simple as sphinx pose (drawing the heart through the biceps) or bridge pose (rolling arms under, grounding through the feet and really opening through the heart).  Maybe there are days where we would rather go back to hibernating; perhaps try extended puppy pose or my personal fav, supported fish pose.

A closed heart can give way to feelings grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal and hatred - either towards yourself or others.

Opening our hearts can be scary but it can also be amazing. 

There is an innate vulnerability that comes with practicing heart opening poses and walking in this world with an open heart.  With an open heart, we can be a wellspring of love, warmth, joy, compassion, generosity, kindness, respect, hope, self-acceptance, confidence, and inspiration.

Simple ways to support this opening - random acts of kindness or telling the people around you how much they mean to you.  Perhaps smiling at a complete stranger as you pass them on the street.   That smile may shift their entire day.

Follow your heart and your own internal wisdom.  It's like a seed deep inside.  As we nurture this seed, we nurture ourselves.

"To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people exist, that is all." Oscar Wilde

Love, Light & Om

Andrea EmpeyComment