New to Yoga?

First let me say Namaste and Welcome!  Please bring a smile, a willingness to play, a mat (if you have one) and water.  If you don't have a mat or forget yours I will have a few available.  You may wish to bring a small towel as well.  

Food & Water

Please hydrate well before, during and after class.  Please do not eat anything heavy for 1-3 hours prior to class.  Some poses can be very uncomfortable with a fully stomach.

What to wear

Please wear something you are comfortable moving in.  Something you can comfortably fold forward in or hang out in parvatasana (mountain pose in Akhanda / Downward Dog pose in Hatha).  Please wear layers as you may get warm while practicing sun salutations and/or chilly in savasana.

Waiver Form

We will have you fill our a short waiver and health questionnaire.  This will be kept strictly confidential.


Please practice ahimsa - non harming or least harm.  Please listen to your body - if something hurts, please come out of the pose and get my attention for a modification or go into child's pose or another resting pose where you are comfortable.  

Please let me know about any injuries or special physical circumstances (this will be kept strictly confidential).